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Who Is Magic Dave?

Not only is Dave an award winning magical performer, but he's also a creator and teacher of magic. He's consulted for David Copperfield's and David Blaine's television specials.

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Learn Magic

Dave teaches tricks that are fun to do and easy to learn. A great introduction to the wonderful and mysterious art of magic. It's fun to be fooled, but it's more fun to be the magician!

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Dave has selected items that are appropriate for kids of all ages. Don't worry parents, you can be sure that the products are high quality,  and the Magic is super Amazing!

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Considered to be one of the world's most talented magicians, David Williamson knows the secret of capturing the imagination of any audience. Learn more about Dave HERE.




Animal Magnetism

Mastermind Max Maven has created many mind bending miracles over the years. Max is a pioneer in the area of "interactive miracles." He has generously allowed me to share one of his best brain busters with the kids who visit Magic Dave Show. Add to it the wonderful art of marine biologist, magician, artist, and all around great guy, Anton Van Helden from New Zealand and this is what you get... Just follow the instructions and say the "Magic Words."


Magic Dave has some teaching videos to share. They are fun and easy tricks, but remember, for even the simplest tricks to look like real magic they require thoughtful practice, practice, practice.


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In this fun and fascinating tutorial, Magic Dave reveals the inner secrets of how to entertain with jealously guarded magician's secrets. With only a normal pack of playing cards, you'll be able to bamboozle the brightest in the bunch! Card Magic is a sure way to tickle and fascinate those around you. 



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Magic is a wonderful hobby for anyone. Magic Dave will start you on your magical journey by teaching you how to practice and perform your first amazing miracles! Using ordinary objects like pencils, strings and salt shakers, you'll learn how to bamboozle and delight any audience.